What People Are Saying

Here's what dental professionals and our customers say about the Nimbus Microfine toothbrushes.

There's something special about the bristles. I can feel them working to clean along the gumline, removing plaque - yet they are soft and don't abrade enamel, or damage my gums.

A pleasure to use. Wish I'd had this brush 30 years ago!


I am a very busy computer analyst who is in and out of meetings all day. When I have a moment I grab my Nimbus from the drawer, refresh and brush my teeth before the next meeting. There are other toothbrushes in the drawer but if I want to be confident of clean feeling teeth and gums, it's got to be the Nimbus!!


As the President of the International Society of Periodontal Plastic Surgeons and as one of the doctors credited with developing our current oral plastic surgical technique to repair and replace lost gingival (gum) tissue, I see many patients routinely for the purpose of regenerating lost gum tissue. I will recommend the Nimbus toothbrush to all of my patients so that they can be effective with plaque removal and at the same time not be overly aggressive. Over aggressive toothbrushing with regular, stiff and electric toothbrushes can contribute to gingival recession.

I find the Nimbus design with the soft, hair-like bristle ends to be ideal for those patients and most everyone else also. I have been recommending that patients use the Nimbus toothbrush for over ten years and have convinced most of the referring doctors and dental hygienists that I work with, that the Nimbus design is the best all-around go-to brush for patients in general.

As an international lecturer and teacher, I have also introduced the concept of using a delicate, yet effective Nimbus toothbrush in all of my programs. I have found that once patients try the Nimbus toothbrush, they will not go back to other brushes. I too have used the Nimbus toothbrush for over 10 years and will continue to do so.

W. Peter Nordland DMD, MS, FISPPS

For sometime my gums have been quite sensitive. My dentist told me it was attributed to using a toothbrush with stiff bristles. The dentist recommended trying the Nimbus toothbrush with a unique layer of soft bristles. I'm happy to say that my gums are no longer sensitive and my teeth are very healthy. I strongly endorse and recommend the Nimbus toothbrush, especially for those with sensitive gums.


I love the Nimbus! It is the best toothbrush I have seen in 37 years of practice. A good toothbrush is essential for a healthy mouth and the design of this brush enables my patients to safely clean in between the teeth and under the gum margin. This gentle brush is firm enough to remove plaque at the gum line without wearing down the tooth and root surfaces. Everyone who tries this brush is hooked and amazed that a brush this soft can clean so effectively.

Lori Taylor, Dental Hygienist

It is not very often when something as seemly mundane as a toothbrush can change one's life. In December of 2014 I was diagnosed with Head/Neck Cancer. As you can imagine the treatment was less than fun, a full course of radiation and chemotherapy. During this period imagine the worst sunburn you can get...inside your mouth. All the while trying to maintain oral hygiene so that the areas in treatment do not become further damaged. The best I could muster was using mouthwash as a form of hygiene. Not particularly enjoyable or effective. And then I received a care package from my sister and brother in law, who among other helpful gifts, sent me a package of Nimbus Microfine toothbrushes.

I opened the package and felt the bristles and knew right away that this was something different. I gave the brush a try and for the first time I was able to brush my teeth with minimum pain and with better results than any brush I had ever used. The bristles are so soft, yet they do the job so well that I continue to be amazed. I still use the Nimbus brush everyday. Subsequent to my treatment and recovery I have been a cheerleader for these brushes. I have given them to other persons I know that are being treated for similar cancers and to anyone that complains they cannot brush due to high sensitivity. I get great reviews and feedback every time.

I am well stocked, as I always keep them on hand as "gifts". I could only wish that more people knew about this great product. I will be a customer for life.

M. Michalski

I have been a dedicated Nimbus toothbrush user ever since my dentist introduced it to me. I love the soft yet effective bristles, the great ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design. My dentist and dental hygienists all love them and have carried all models of the Nimbus toothbrush in their office to give to all of their patients. Thank you for designing such a great toothbrush.

M. Winik

I have used Nimbus toothbrushes for five years. They have exceeded my expectations in many ways. I especially like the flexibility and softness of the brush, which is perfect for my sensitive teeth and gums. On occasion, I have used another well-known brand given to me at my dental office. I have found there to be no comparison and would never switch from using Nimbus.

Roberta Simon

I have tried so many toothbrushes advertised as being "soft", only to find that they are not soft and it is obvious that they are cheaply made. My dentist recommended NIMBUS; what a great toothbrush. It cleans well and it is gentle on my gums. Go NIMBUS !


If I'm being honest, brushing my teeth has always been a bit of a chore. I do it because I need to. As a mouth breather with very sensitive gums it's always been somewhat painful, a bit awkward and things haven't felt quite right.

But something about the Nimbus has changed my perspective. From the moment you open a new brush, it just feels different. It's softer. It's easier to hold. It doesn't look like some space-aged contraption to be intimidated by. I’m pretty much obsessed and tell everyone I know that they need to get one.

Cori B.

Nimbus Toothbrushes are my favorite! They are soft enough to allow me to brush and massage my gums; and the bristles keep my teeth very clean.

After using many "name brand" toothbrushes for most of my life, and still paying a fortune in dental bills, I now have confidence that I am using the best toothbrush made – NIMBUS.

I suggest you try it for a week; you'll never go back to whatever brand of toothbrush you currently use.

D. Maurer

A friend introduced me to NIMBUS, and it is the BEST toothbrush that I have ever used. Who would have thought that those soft bristles would clean so well. I gave one to my dentist and now he orders them for his practice.

This is a winner of a toothbrush.

J. K.

My husband and I are hooked on our Nimbus toothbrushes. They are the perfect size for cleaning those hard-to-reach back teeth and the bristles are aptly named: like a cloud.

For problem teeth and sensitive gums, they can't be beat.

As per my dental tech, I have a yellow one for day-time use and a purple one for evening brushing. Now I'm thinking of getting a turquoise one for post lunch.

Maureen and Michael Sullivan