Microfine Technology

What Makes Nimbus Special?

Advanced two-level bristle technology permits unique softness and stability of shape.

Designed by a periodontist, our MICROFINE® toothbrushes use extra soft, single-end tapered bristles that reach into areas not accessible to conventional bristles, and short end-rounded bristles to support and optimize plaque removal.

Regular, Compact and Nimby Brushes provide you with:

  • Single end-tapered bristles that reach into critical areas
  • Controlled softness for trauma-less brushing and effective plaque removal
  • Comfortable and easy-to-control handle design
  • Absorbs less water and maintains shape longer than common Nylon bristles
  • Resists deterioration by chemicals and mouth fluids
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Microfine Anatomy
Nimbus Brush Head Size Comparison